Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda Russo.
I have found your blog in a search in the net, and i must say its an inspiration, you have great photos.
Best wishes to you from portugal.

José Filipe 13-11-2008

Success said...

Nice blog.
Beautiful pictures.

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Keep blogging.
Good job.

bjrhodes said...

Wow Linda,
I am impressed with the blog. It goes without saying I have been impressed with your photos for a long time. Now you can share what we in New York have always take fabulous photos!
Continue on,

Jojo said...
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Jojo said...

Linda, These are more than photograph's. They immersed me in the experience of the subject and are a opportunity for introspection and prayer.
Each photo is so much more and brings with it an experience of another dimension. Wow.,JoJo C.